About Us

Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Pikes Peak Section is "the little section that could." We have a relatively small membership (150+ members) and an even smaller area of responsibility, but we have more events per capita and more participation at those events than sections three times our size. We are also the home of three past MBCA national presidents and we currently hold the office of the Regional Director of the Rocky Mountain Region. In addition, the Pikes Peak Section has been awarded Section of the Year four times. That's two times more than any of the other 85 sections in MBCA.

We take our cars seriously but not seriously enough so that we don't have any fun. We are a driving club who pioneered the concept of the monthly drive. Each month we take our members on a leisurely, impromptu "Fun Run" through the beautiful Colorado countryside, socializing and dining along the way. We also conduct a series of monthly get-togethers, called the 5th@5. We gather for dinner or hors d'oeuvres or dessert or just because, in a collegial, casual, welcoming atmosphere. The goal is to improve section communications and cohesiveness.

Our true claim to fame, however, is that we are the home of the National Special Event, Star Trails. This is a unique opportunity for Mercedes-Benz drivers to take their vehicles off the highway. We plan various levels of off-road driving difficulty over some of the most beautiful trails in the world. We teach drivers how to handle their vehicles safely and how to get the most from the most amazingly capable cars in the world. We also hosted a unique Colorado-centric driving tour and National Special Event, Silver Stars & Golden Aspens, that garnered participation from 5 regions and 12 separate sections.

We are a bunch of fast-moving fun-seekers and we invite all like-minded Mercedes-Benz drivers to come along for the Pikes Peak ride.