About Us

Baltimore and Washington DC Metro Virginia

The Greater Washington Section is the largest and most active MBCA section in the country. With driving, technical, social and Concours events held through out the year. The Greater Washington Section area is from the Maryland/Pennsylvania boarder down to Fredericksburg VA, from the Eastern shore of Maryland and Virginia west into West Virginia. Both the cities of Washington DC and Baltimore Maryland are represented with supporting Mercedes-Benz dealers throughout the area to assist MBCA members.

A majority of the membership are located in the Washington metropolitan region, and a growing membership in the Baltimore area.

MBCA | GWS hosts a monthly autocross from April to November in Winchester Virginia, regular track events at Summit Point Raceway, Virginia International Raceway and New Jersey Motorsports Park wich are open to all marques not just Mercedes-Benz. Concours d'Elegance events throughout the summer season, and numerous social events, rally drives and dine and drive events. MBCA \ GWS also hosts a number of Do-It-Yourself Technical Sessions throughout the year, with the largest being held each July at American Service Center, a Mercedes-Benz dealer in Arlington Virginia. Do-It-Yourself Tech sessions offer members the chance to work on their cars in proffessional shop environments with lifts and access to technical advice.