About Us

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

MBCA Delaware Valley Section encompasses the majority of Suburban Philadelphia, commonly referred to as the Delaware Valley. Our section expands from Philadelphia to the west, into Chester and Delaware Counties … to the north towards Lehigh County … east into Central and Southern NJ, and south into the entire state of Delaware.

Delaware Valley Section routinely holds an Annual Business Meeting in late winter / early spring. A Road Rallye is a perennial favorite event for Delaware Valley section, where a driver and navigator are given cryptic directions which take you for a circuitous drive in the beautiful Delaware Valley countryside, ending at an undisclosed rustic location for lunch. Another favorite is our Tech Session, most often held at a local authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership, where speakers and displays provide members with tips on car care … whether it be a new model, or vintage … daily driver sunny-day driver. Additional driving events and social events are also planned sporadically throughout the year.