About Us

Albany, Columbus and Macon, Georgia

The Central Georgia Section was chartered as a new MBCA Section in November of 2010. The Section, however; had an active group of Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts enjoying local central and south Georgia social, technical, and driving activities since 2008. Starting as a Mercedes-Benz Middle Georgia Monthly Dine-Out Group in July of 2008 the group continues to enjoying outstanding monthly dinner gatherings in many of middle Georgia’s independent restaurants.

The Central Georgia Section boundaries are an east-west line of counties across the state just above Macon, GA and include south and southwest Georgia counties below that line, including the major cities of Macon, Columbus and Albany, Georgia and all their surrounding counties.

This allocation makes our interface with members, our three dealers, and many independent service organizations a true working partnership that enables us to continue to grow our MBCA membership, and provide the fun of interfacing with other local Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts.